About Us

Popular Social Science is a web based journal covering the academic fields of political science, sociology, history, and psychology. We provide in-depth articles, news, practical information, and lifestyle tips for the up-and-coming social scientist. PSS has three editors:


Joachim Vogt Isaksen

Joachim Vogt Isaksen, MA in sociology, university lecturer, covers the fields of sociology and psychology.









Tor G. Jakobsen

Tor G. Jakobsen, PhD in political science, post-doctoral researcher, covers the fields of political science and history.












Mark Poulsen

Mark Poulsen is a professional web & systems developer, who manages the technical requirements of Popular Social Science.







Editorial board

Political Science & Sociology
Professor Jonathon Moses (International Political Economy)
Professor Indra de Soysa (Studies of Conflict and Peace)
Professor Paul Midford (East Asia)
Associate Professor Maria E. Sandovici (Comparative Politics)
Associate Professor Zan Strabac (Statistics)
Associate Professor Marko Valenta (Ethnicity and Migration)

Professor Hans Otto Frøland (European History)

Professor Harry Arne Solberg (Socioeconomics)
Researcher Are Oust (Macroeconomics)

Library Contact
Research Librarian Magnus R. Jensen (Library Services)

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