Popular Social Science is a web-based journal covering the academic fields of Political Science, Sociology, History, and Psychology. We provide in-depth articles, news, practical information, and lifestyle tips for the up-and-coming social scientist. PSS has three editors:


Joachim Vogt Isaksen

Joachim Vogt Isaksen received his M.A. in Sociology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He is currently employed as a university lecturer. His research interests include the sociology of the media, the sociology of ethnicity, and the sociology of health and illness.

He is co-editor of Popular Social Science and covers the fields of Sociology and Psychology. Isaksen’s vision is to run a journal that communicates the social sciences in a scientifically based and accessible way. Just as important to him is the aim of increasing the general public’s awareness of, and interest in the field. Or, in his own words:

“In order to improve our societies it is essential to communicate an understanding of why they exist, and how they functioned in the past. The social sciences have the potential to improve people’s lives, while at the same time provide knowledge that may help us create better societies.”


Tor Georg Jakobsen

Tor Georg Jakobsen received his Ph.D. from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where he is currently employed as a post-doctoral researcher. He is also an Associate Professor at Trondheim Business School. His research interests include political behavior, peace research, and the sociology of ethnicity. Jakobsen has authored articles in, among others, European Sociological Review, Work, Employment and Society, and Civil Wars.

He is co-editor of Popular Social Science and covers the fields of Political Science and History. Jakobsen’s vision is to bring science to the people for free, and to establish PSS as a journal for researchers, students, former students, and those with an interest for the social sciences. Or, in his own words:

“We are a journal for the silent majority, that is, those who believe in truth and reason and are tired of reading newspapers and blogs that are careless with regard to facts and often have political agendas.”


Mark Poulsen

Mark Poulsen is a professional web & systems developer, who manages the technical requirements of Popular Social Science. Originally hailing from Scotland, he now runs the Trondheim-based company Blissio Ltd.







Popular Social Science welcomes submissions for our article section as well as reviews, commentaries, and factualities. The articles must be research oriented within the fields of social science (political science, sociology, history, psychology, or social economics) and be of interest for a general audience. Each year has a volume (2012 is volume 1) and each volume has four issues (winter, spring, summer, fall). All submissions can be sent to submissions@popularsocialscience.com.

Author’s guidelines


Manuscripts should be between 1000-2000 words and be written in English. Popular Social Science does not employ Chicago style references, but rather include a “for further reading” section at the end. For tips on structure, see previous articles. The article should include an ingress (not an abstract). The submitted articles are subject to an editiorial evaluation based on consultation with experts within the relevant topic.


We accept reviews of relevant books, films, and television series. The length should be between 300-750 words. The review should include a short presentation of the author/director and book (or film, series etc.), a brief summary of the work, as well as the contributer’s evaluation. The submitted reviewes are subject to an editiorial evaluation.


Commentaries concerning relevant topics are also welcome. They should be between 400 and 1000 words. Commentaries are ment to encourage debate, and can be more subjective in style than an article. Commentaries are subject to an editiorial evaluation.


In short, facts are about things we can learn from social science and employ in our day-to-day life. Such pieces should range from 300-500 words. Facts are subject to an editorial evaluation.


Editorial board

Political Science & Sociology
Professor Jonathon Moses (International Political Economy)
Professor Indra de Soysa (Studies of Conflict and Peace)
Professor Paul Midford (East Asia)
Associate Professor Maria E. Sandovici (Comparative Politics)
Associate Professor Zan Strabac (Statistics)
Associate Professor Marko Valenta (Ethnicity and Migration)

Professor Hans Otto Frøland (European History)

Professor Harry Arne Solberg (Socioeconomics)
Researcher Are Oust (Macroeconomics)

Library Contact
Research Librarian Magnus R. Jensen (Library Services)


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