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Published on May 13th, 2013


The Lucifer Inside Us

By Tor G. Jakobsen

In the Bible the character Lucifer is known as a fallen angel and the main antagonist of God. Originally God’s favorite angel, he attempted to usurp his master. Lucifer lost the battle, and was sent out of heaven to rule his own kingdom, the lake of fire.

Throughout time Lucifer has been used as a scapegoat for people’s misdoings. The reason is that it is often easier for humans to believe that somebody else is responsible for our mistakes. But truth is, we all do stupid things. And we are perfectly able to do them without being lured by the devil.

Everyone can make bad choices. It may be that we made a decision in haste and did not know all the facts. A confident person has the ability to break this trend, that is, to make new decisions independent of his or her previous mistakes.

However, from cognitive psychology we know that a person with a negative self-image is not able to break such a trend. That person will try to make things right by justifying previous mistakes when continuing in the same track, rather than admitting that he was wrong. In order to justify past behavior he will compromise present judgment.


You are responsible for your own mistakes

Going back to Lucifer, it is easier for humans to believe that someone else is responsible rather than living up to our own faults. Was Lucifer to blame for Eve eating the apple in the Garden of Eden? Is Lucifer to blame for people cheating on the tax-return or doing drugs?

The answer is no. People choose to do these things; it is a result of human greed or weakness. What the weak person needs to do is to learn from his mistakes and cut his losses. If you have made a faulty decision, like going to a football game that turns out to be a cold and boring affair, just leave. You don’t need to sit two hours in boredom catching a cold just because you made a previous mistake of buying a ticket.

Or, if a person started studying at a certain school or university because it felt like the right thing to do. Then things go rather poorly, and it becomes obvious that this was not the right career path for her. What she needs to do is to change directions. That is, choose another field of study or a work-career. What she should not do is to continue on the wrong path as an attempt to justify her previous wrong decision.

Everyone can make mistakes; the wise choose not to repeat them.

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2 Responses to The Lucifer Inside Us

  1. Njaal Glad says:

    Well thats the primitive christian and modern psychological answer to the myth of Lucifer.
    Nobody knows the dimensions of Lucifer’s betrayal, its to evil,ugly and awful to talk about. And to complicated to explain in words.

    Lucifer= he that shined in darkness, making it appear as in the light=he that shined light upon evil and ugliness, making it appear as the good and beautiful. To understand what Luciferiansme is, you have to know the essence of God. God is truth,life,beauty,sweet love, and all that is natural is of god. Luciferiansme is like making war rohail to the night templars, worship the dead sacrificed God on the cross! shine light upon lies,make evil and uglyness look beautiful and true..Lucifer is the great deceiver,when you wake up ; you can see his empire everywhere on earth. But the devil is no fool, and very suttle he has tricked us to BLOW this planet into a Christmas star..game over.

    Light is also a weapon, and is also used to blind people, so that they cant see what hides in the background. If i flash your eyes in a cave, you can only see light, not he that blinds you.

  2. d.j.. says:

    Hey tor g. Better check your bible. Lucifer is definitely responsible for Eve eating the fruit and it doesn’t say apple

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