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Published on April 8th, 2013


Impacts of the Economic Crisis: Ph.D.-Course at NTNU

The Department of Sociology and Political Science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) announces a Ph.D.-course on the current economic crises in Europe and the USA. The course is also open for Master students, and takes place on May 27–31.

On 15 September 2008, Lehman brothers, one of the world’s leading financial services firms, filed for bankruptcy protection. This represented the peak of the financial crisis. The effect was felt worldwide. Production rates fell and unemployment rose. It was the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The economic crisis started in 2008 as a crisis in the financial system. We are now in the middle of the second wave of the crisis with serious public debt problems in Europe as well as in the USA. The course will focus on the evolution of the crisis as well as comparing the current crisis with major economic crises of the past. It will also examine a broad range of consequences of the crisis and look at future prospects.

The effects of the crisis are not uniform and a comparative perspective with a focus on cross-national variations will be central in the course.

The course is composed of two parts: a compulsory part held at the University Centre at Dragvoll, May 27–31. The second part is a course paper that will be initiated in the compulsory session in Trondheim and which the participants will complete individually. The teaching will be a combination of lectures and discussions with opportunities for student presentations, and the language of the course will be English.

The course coordinator is Professor Kristen Ringdal, and the main lecturers are Professor Arne L. Kalleberg (University of North Carolina) and Professor Kevin J. Doogan (University of Bristol).

To register for the course you can send an e-mail to the course coordinator Kristen Ringdal (Kristen.ringdal (at) no later than April 19.


*Cover photo by Tony Fischer, Wall Street photo by Dan Nelson

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