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Published on February 11th, 2013


The Power of Natural Food – Cholesterol and Calories

By Marvin Hammervold

Marvin Hammervold is a research scientist with exercise and diet as fields of interest

If you put all of human history into one year, we have only been farming and eating grain since about yesterday. That is when people became shorter and gained weight. Marvin Hammervold has interviewed Andreas Eenfeldt, medical doctor and one of the leading experts on nutrition in Europe, to elaborate on what he considers to be healthy and unhealthy foods. 

According to Eenfeldt there is a revolution on its way, a food revolution, all over the world. What we have believed since the 1980s, that is, that saturated fat is bad for your heart, is shown to be a mistake.

This mistake has not made people healthier, but has instead made them gain weight. The reason is that people have been eating more carbohydrates, since they wanted to avoid fat. Now science has shown that it is better to reduce the amount of simple sugar and starches, if one wishes to lose some pounds, or deal with one’s diabetes or other diseases.


– Cholesterol is not dangerous, if it is of the right kind

- Saturated fat can increase the level of cholesterol in your blood. However, the picture is somewhat more complicated since there are different kinds of cholesterol. Saturated fat for the most part increases what we can call the good cholesterol. The higher the level of good cholesterol, the smaller is the risk of heart disease, says Eenfeldt.

He further states that butter is an example of a source that can increase the good cholesterol. One should really stay away from margarine. The bottom line is that one does not acquire better health by eating less saturated fat.


Calories and feelings of hunger

Andreas Eenfeldt works as a medical doctor in Karlstad, Sweden.

In theory one must, of course, eat less than one expends. There is no doubt about that. But the real question is: How can we do this in a simple manner? The answer often given is: Eat less, run more.

However, this answer is too simple according to Eenfeldt. It works well when calculating calories on a calculator. However, in people´s ordinary lives this does not function very well. The reason is that we forget that people have feelings of hunger. We do not enjoy going hungry.

Eenfeld points out that people often are adviced to simply lower their intake of food in order to lose weight. However, if one wishes to help people eat less, one should advice them to eat food that removes hunger. This would be food that is low on carbohydrates, something that is confirmed by several scientific studies. People should eat healthy food like meat, fish, vegetables, or eggs until they are satisfied. This makes you full on a smaller amount of food than when eating products who are rich in carbohydrates.


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Hammervold’s full interview with Eenfeldt:


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