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Published on November 5th, 2012


Which Eau de Toilette Should a Social Scientist Use?

We have all experienced it, being on a business travel and having to pick a scented perfume that will suit you as a professional social scientist. We in Popular Social Science have done an extensive testing of the different kinds of perfumes, presenting our male readers with our top three choices.

However, before we get to the ranking, we will give you a short introduction to scented perfumes and have to apply it.

General tips

There are different kinds of perfumes, according to the strength of the aromatic compounds. Eau de Toilette places itself in between Eau de Cologne and Eau de Perfume (which is mainly used by women) with regard to strength. In other words, Eau de Toilette should be the choice for male social scientists of all ages. There are mainly two uses for this type of scented perfume.

The night out

First of all, you should not spray the cologne on your clothes. This is a waste of money, as the small will fade away in a short amount of time. It will not give de scented perfume the opportunity to react with your body (as it is supposed to). It is also important to use the right amount, that is, two or three sprays. Applying too much is worse than applying too little.

If you plan on going out for, let us say a dinner, we recommend that you spray the perfume on the so-called hot spots. These are the areas of your body that produces most heat, which is optimal for the reaction between cologne, body, and air. These spots are the wrists, neck, and back of ears. Using this approach you get the maximum intended effect of your cologne. The downside is that the smell does not last a whole day (due to the exposure to air).

For work

If you are preparing to go to work in the morning we recommend a different approach to spraying. The serious social scientist works at least 8 hours a day, and by using the above mentioned approach the scent will disappear before the day is over. For work or conferences you should apply the scented perfume to areas underneath your clothes, like your chest or back. This way the scent will last longer.

So, when you are standing in the perfume shop or tax free, we recommend the following eau de toilettes:


#3 – Ralph Lauren: “Big Pony 2”

The American Ralph Lauren provides us with our #3 choice, taken from their Big Pony collection, the original lineup consisting of four scented perfumes (blue, red, green, and orange), later four more were released (sky blue, pink, yellow, and purple). The Big Pony 2 (the red one) smells of chocolate and musk, and is the mildest of our three recommendations. The Big Pony 2 is especially suited for work.






 #2 – Giorgio Armani: “Aqua di Gio”

 Our number two choice comes from the Italian designer Giorgio Armani, namely the Aqua di Gio. This is a classic, originally launched in 1996. The bottle has a simple design, and its size makes it perfect for travel. It smells of citrus together with musky and woody elements. The Aqua di Gio is especially suited for dinners.





#1 – Jean Paul Gaultier: “Le Male”

The winner of our test is “Le Male” by French designer Jean Paul Gaultier. This eau de toilette is the preferred choice by Europe and America’s elites, and for good reasons. This scented perfume combines authority and sensuality, it smells of mint, vanilla, and lavender, and the bottle in itself is quite aesthetic. We consider this to be an all-round scented smell, just as appropriate for work as for a night out.   






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