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Published on November 1st, 2012


Ranking the Largest European Airports

As a social scientist one often finds oneself on the road, or, more specific, in the air. Our work often requires us to travel abroad, but when booking our flight which European hubs should we spend our time in while waiting for our connecting flight?

We in Popular Social Science have visited the five most important European hubs to give our readers a guide. The airports are ranked from bad to good:

#5 Charles de Gaulle (Paris, France)

It is named after the French general and statesman, and is ranked as the busiest airport in the whole of Europe. CdG has direct flights to all continents except Oceania. However, it does not live up to expectations. This is the worst airport of the five we visited. Navigation is difficult (much information only in French), shopping and dining opportunities are limited, and it is hard to find a good place to relax. Our advice: stay clear of CdG.


#4 Frankfurt (Germany)

In Germany it is known as Flughafen Frankfurt am Main, and is ranked as the third busiest in Europe. To our readers it is probably best known as being the main hub of the German airliner Lufthansa. Frankfurt is a better place to spend your waiting hours than Charles de Gaulle, but that does not count for much. It does not have the best design, is not the easiest to navigate, shopping opportunities could be better. Popular Social Science ranks Frankfurt as a below average airport.


#3 Heathrow (London, UK)

London Heathrow Airport can trace its history back to 1929. The image shown is of the famous “Heathrow Star” dated 1952. Heathrow benefits from being an English-language airport with great shipping and dining opportunities. On the downside, it can be somewhat large and seemingly unstructured, and there is always a risk of a strike (due to the strong position of British labor unions). Still, we recommend this hub to our readers.



#2 Copenhagen (Denmark)

Known as Kastrup to the locals, this airport might be a surprise to our readers. Still, this hub (yes, it is an important hub) holds many qualities. Copenhagen Airport is the largest you will find in the Nordic countries. It is structured, nice-looking, easy to navigate, and has very good shopping opportunities. Our readers should not be afraid to book a flight that connects at Copenhagen.



#1 Schiphol (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

And the winner is, of course, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. KLM’s primary hub serves its guest with a great atmosphere of relaxation and shopping. You can dine in a great diner of your choice at the food court, relax on the upper floor in one of the countless lounges, or shop gifts for those back home. We in PSS were never in doubt when rewarding Schiphol with the title “best European airport”.



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2 Responses to Ranking the Largest European Airports

  1. Dani-madrid says:

    Is this article about best or largest europe airport? For example, Madrid airport is largest than the above mentioned airports… In your headline “largest european airports” is written. Ir you are a scientist you need to take care with these kind of errors. Regards.

    • tor.g-redaktor says:

      Dear Dani,
      The article is about the must important European airport hubs for social scientists.

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